Precious Promise Preschool

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Precious Promise Preschool

Preschool: Precious Promise Preschool believes that children are a gift from God and exists to guide children using God’s Word. We offer developmentally appropriate activities in a safe and nurturing environment. Each child is viewed as an individual and will be guided to be the best they can be. Early childhood is a wonderful time in a child’s life where they are able to explore and discover the fascinating world which God has created around them in a caring environment.

Precious Promise Pre-School is an extension program of the Bible Fellowship Church. It was established in 1988 when the Ephrata Academy merged with Lancaster Christian School. That merge resulted in the birth of Precious Promise Pre-School. The Bible Fellowship Church recognizes a need for Christian Education and thus provides PPP as a service to those parents who want an education for their children based upon Christian principles and standards.

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